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Partners in Health Development

Project Implementation

Rohingya PHD has been implementing three health projects, i) Joint GoBUN MNH Initiatives, ii) UNICEF and government of Bangladesh supported MNCS Project, and iii) Community Managed Community Clinic Project.
Beside the health projects, PHD implemented large-scale training and capacity building program for government and NGO employees on different areas under four short-term agreements.

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Capacity Building

RohingyaInstitutional Development is the prime area of PHD's competency. PHD has supported more than 100 organisations in the areas of 'institutional organisational development. This support provided to numbers of local NGOs, eye care hospital and other national not-for-profit organisations. It includes all aspects of project management, service delivery and financial management. PHD uses various Capacity Assessment and Capacity Building tools to assess current capability and identify future needs.

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Emergency Response Program

Rohingya Response to newly settled Undocumented Myanmar Nationals (UMNs) in Ukhiya and Teknaf with Maternal, Neonatal, Child and Adolescents Health (MNCAH) Services through Health Care Centers under a joint collaboration between UNICEF Bangladesh and Partners in Health and Development (PHD).

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Research and Evaluation

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Technical Assistance

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Grant Management

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Partners in Health and Development (PHD) House: SWD-12A, Road 8, Gulshan 1,
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