Grant Management

PHD has developed robust performance management mechanisms to ensure optimum use of donor resources. Using a comprehensive Management Information System (designed in consultation with partner NGOs) as the platform for assessing the performance of development programmes and their impact on the poor, PHD can provide regular information on all aspects of performance, including disaggregating of data by income category. This systematic monitoring platform is complemented by routine field visits by PHD technical experts, to validate and verify programme performance against objectives

PHD demonstrates strong internal financial management systems, ensuring that NGOs are accountable for the funds they receive. PHD supports its partner NGOs by providing regular training on accrual based accounting systems. In turn, NGOs are required to produce six-monthly financial statements and forecasts in order to receive the next financial instalments. PHD has an annual contract with an internationally represented auditor to externally audit each NGO accounts. Throughout the project period financial probity is checked and support and training are given where necessary.

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