PHD's Project Implementation

Project Implementation

PHD has been implementing three health projects, i) Joint GoBUN MNH Initiatives, ii) UNICEF and government of Bangladesh supported MNCS Project, and iii) Community Managed Community Clinic Project.

Beside the health projects, PHD implemented large-scale training and capacity building program for government and NGO employees on different areas under four short-term agreements.

PHD also implemented two assessment study and one rapid assessment survey, i) Identifying scope of linkages between Community Action Groups and other institutions for improving MNH Situation under Community Action Cycle approach in MaMoni Project of Save the Children, ii) Assessing the roles of volunteers in improving MNH situation in MaMoni Project areas, and iii) Identifying sectors & specific locations with a high incidence of Worst Forms of Child Labour in the working areas of Urban Informal Economy Project of ILO in Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna, Rajshahi & Barisal Cities.

Maternal Neonatal and Child Survival (since 2008): The purpose of this project is to improve the care-practices at home and increased care-seeking and utilisation of neonatal and child health and nutrition services by families, particularly the poor and excluded groups. Funded by AusAID and managed by UNICEF, the project has been implemented by PHD in Bandarban Hill District.

Maternal and Neonatal Health (since 2009): The purpose of this project is to provide support for quality planning, implementation and monitoring of Community Support System (ComSS) under Joint GOB-UN MNH Initiative. The ComSS is a mechanism for establishing a system at the community level, through collective efforts of the people, which aims to raise voice of poor people for services they entitle to and mobilise them to access services; provide support to the pregnant women and the newborns during any obstetric emergency to prevent maternal and neonatal deaths. Community members individually meet together, assess their own situation, identify resources, design interventions, implement and monitor the interventions, and they are accountable to their own communities. Funded by DFID and EU and managed by UN (UNICEFand UNFPA), the project has been implemented in Moulvibazar district.

Strengthening Knowledge on HIV/AIDS among Garment worker to reduce Infection and Transmission Risk (2007): The objectives of the projcet were to measure knowledge and practice related to HIV/AIDS and to provide training 1500 garment workers to enhance knowledge towards healthy behaviour.

Adolescent Health Project (2004-2007): Funded by DFID, the purpose of the project was to bring the adolescent communities in family health care mechanism and educate them to become future mothers and fathers. The project was implemented in Noakhali and Sunamgonj districts jointly with three local NGOs.

Safe Motherhood Project (2004-2005): Funded by DFID, the purpose of the project was to ensure participation of local government organisations through strengthening their capacity in project cycle so as to make them capable to shoulder increased development responsibilities beyond the traditional job they do. The project was implemented in Tangail and Naogaon districts jointly with two local NGOs.

Community Clinic Pilot Project- a joint project of MOHFW-DFID-USAID (2003-2004): Funded by DFID and GOB, the purpose of the projct was to develop an effective, sustainable and replicable model of community clinic to recommend GoB for future action. The project was piloted in five community clinics located in five districts- Comilla, Cox's Bazar, Gopalgonj, Jessore and Jhenaidah.

Improving Community based Emergency Neonatal Care through NGOs: Saving Newborn Lives (2002-2004: Funded by Save the Children USA, the purpose of the project was to integrate proven, cost-effective measures of Essential Newborn Care into existing community-based programmes. The project was implemented in five districts (Shariatpur, Cox's Bazar, Rajbari, Moulvibazar and Jessore) jointly with five local NGOs.

Prevention of HIV/AIDS (2002-2003): Prevention of STD/HIV/AIDS through support services among Truckers and Femal Commercial Sex Workers in Benapole land port, Jessore. The project was implemented jointly with a local partner.


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